Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle

We (the U.S.A.) are still at it. Wars. At least we call them wars. But, the supposed enemy doesn't even wear a uniform. The thing that unifies why they fight us is that we are on their land. They don't need a uniform. But they will use whatever tools they have access to make us want to leave. Isn't that their right, to protect their homeland? Doesn't that make them patriots and not terrorists or insurgents, as our government and news reporters often call them? In my humble opinion, U.S. Military occupation is a form of terrorism. The only difference between military terrorism and suicide terrorism is the weaponry: conventional military grade vs. non-conventional homemade that might include martyrdom. But, if one thinks about it.... many of the kids who join our military are prepared to be martyrs themselves. We must put ourselves in the shoes of those countries whom we attack, invade and occupy. We have never walked in those shoes. We have only been attacked. American has never been invaded and occupied. And the attacks we have suffered have been lightweight, in comparison to what havoc the U.S. has wreaked upon those in far away lands. Wake up U.S.A. and attempt to wear the shoes of the falsely painted enemy.

When I listen to artists such as John Fogerty and groups like Creedence Clearwater Revival, I flash back to when music was a bit more radical and a lot of rockers and other artists were deeply against lame U.S. wars. More artists should stand up, today, and say it like it is.
Peace Love Groove, GC