Daniela Brooker (British Pop)

Have been following the young songwriter and emerging recording artist, Daniela Brooker, since July 2011. I was impressed by a stripped down performance of what sounded like a potential pop hit with her song entitled Turn It Up. Listen Here!

In January 2012, Brooker, who is half British and half Venezuelan, recorded a beautiful take of Spanish classic entitled Contigo en la Distancia, which was very well done. Listen Here!

She has had numerous lucky breaks, such as last year when she picked up a opening slot for a series of international shows for The Saturdays, putting her in front of many new ears. Brooker has lined up some impressive talent to help her develop her recordings and very high quality videos. She sent me a note a confirmed it appears she is a independent artist, not affiliated with any record labels. Kudos!

Now, at age 18, she just released her latest song and video by the same name: 18
Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Daniela Brooker - 18

Here is a track she released in August 2011, but with summer soon approaching, it is worthy of becoming this summer's freedom & love anthem for many around the world.

Daniela Brooker - Summer Love

Connect direct with Daniela Brooker at DanielaBrooker.Com