Cobe Obeah - True Colors (featuring Nneka)

Music Television presents Nneka with Cobe Obeah

One artist who has been stumping for the common man in her native Nigeria and others around the world who feel marginalized by the various Police States around the globe that exist, is a wonderfully deep prolific recording artist named Nneka.

On her own, Nneka is a powerful voice, who occasionally collaborates and lends herself to others who have something important to say.

Nneka wrote this about one such song, featured below, which she participated in: "TRUE COLORS... the new Video by COBE OBEAH feat. NNEKA inspired by the american police, upcoming elections in Nigeria, hate, Boko haram, War, breakups, and love..."

While the industry is applauding D'Angelo for his recent release, Black Messiah, we hope that the industry also embraces other artists of deep substance like Nneka, who has been in the trenches, fighting the fight non-stop since she first hit the scene, slightly more than a decade ago. This woman embodies the activist spirit of those like Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti and John Lennon. She is the real deal. Her friend Cobe Obeah may just be another artist of substance to keep on our radar.

Cobe Obeah - True Colors (featuring Nneka)

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