Gaby Moreno and her Christmas Album

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Photograph of a well grounded Gaby Moreno shot by Gaby's dear friend and bassist, Leslie Lowe
Below is the music video from Gaby Moreno to her song titled El Primer Noel from her Christmas Album titled Posada. Billboard Magazine's Judy Cantor-Navas recently dubbed Posada "An Instant Latin Christmas Classic".

This is what Gaby wrote to describe her record: "Posada" is a collection of traditional Christmas songs, recalling the years when I was a young girl living in Guatemala and singing in my church choir. These are the songs we would sing during the month of December at church on Sundays, at Advent family gatherings and for the traditional Latin American celebration "Las Posadas" which begin on Dec. 16th - Gaby Moreno

A meaningful description using words is way too elusive for me, but my brain fogs up with love and tears of joy fill my eyes when I listen to songs from Gaby's Christmas record. Fortunately, Gaby's authentic essence and the unmanufactured beauty of her music does just fine speaking for itself. GC

Gaby Moreno - El Primer Noel - Directed by Carlos Lara and Tita Moreno

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Gaby Moreno Christmas Album: Posada
Album cover to Gaby Moreno's Christmas Album titled Posada

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