Alex Nester - Show A Little Love

Music Television presents Alex Nester - No Auto Tune

Tonight I was walking down the street and heard a very beautiful and soulful voice and a piano emanating from an outdoor restaurant and just had to walk in to figure out who it was.

Her name is Alex Nester. When I got home I looked her up. I learned that, besides the fact that she has been honing her craft and paying her musical dues for quite a while, at age 16 she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma, but overcame it all and is now cancer free.

The song I heard tonight that brought me in off the street was one that sounds like it was just meant for Joss Stone to cover. Ms. Nester said it had not been recorded, yet.

As I was browsing through her websites looking for a music video to feature here, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her "No Auto-Tune" logo posted on much of her promotional material.

I found this song below that is obviously sung from the heart of a girl who overcame what was most likely assumed an early death. Kudos to you, Alex Nester, for staying in the game and keeping it 100% organic.

Alex Nester - Show A Little Love

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

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