Wynonna Judd - Keeps Me Alive - featuring Derek Trucks (Music Video)

Music Television presents Wynonna Judd and the music video for her song titled  Keeps Me Alive, feat. Derek Trucks from her album titled Wynonna & The Big Noise. #MusicTelevision

Music Television presents Curb Records recording artist, Wynonna Judd, and the music video for her song titled Keeps Me Alive, featuring Derek Trucks on guitar, which is track #6 from her 8th full length studio album titled Wynonna & The Big Noise. After the first video below ends, it is followed by four more music videos from the album, automatically, if you choose to let it roll.

The album was a very big deal for Wynonna and her husband, drummer, bandmate and the album's producer, Cactus Moser. Cactus spent a long time recovering from a motorcycle crash that occurred in 2012 shortly after they were married. The crash left him with an amputated lower leg and a shattered hand. He recovered, bucking doctor's predictions and is solidly back to playing, as well as producing. Wynonna and Cactus dated in the 1980s and they go back a long way, but the accident brought them together stronger in ways that only tough times can.

The recordings, as well as the music videos, are wonderfully organic honest reflections of her place in life with all of the ups and downs she has experienced, with old school written all over them. It was recorded live in her home/farm studio with all vintage gear using her regular band and a few special guests (not typical session musicians often play on recordings for big acts) and it's worthy of garnering lots of love from fans who manage to hear it. All of the players make it as tasty as tasty gets. Cactus makes it happen with his prosthetic leg and rehabilitated hand with the custom stick holder. The happiness and contentness of how they went about making the record shows in some of their expressions in the video, where they all seem to be in a great head space.

Wynonna Judd - Keeps Me Alive

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