Moves like Jagger

posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Had no idea who the band was when this video started. The first 32 seconds of the video was NO music. I was about to click the NEXT button and Mick Jagger appears on the screen in B&W vintage footage, being asked "How much longer will you be doing this?".

Maroon 5 may have pumped out a lame sounding track with a cheesy over glam cameo of Christina Aguilera belting out a few lines, but the video is fun.

I hate to sound all critical and crotchety. Hope this is construed as constructive. Aguilera should go super natural and leave all the fancy hair & makeup bullshit behind. She is kind of doing what prostitutes are trying to look like. It's like Bad Vagas overdone. She should strip herself raw and regain a natural essence and get into THE MUSIC on a deeper level. Have heard her sing when she was in the moment and she is fantastic in an undeniable way. But lately, with the over glam and the music that's not in the moment, she has watered her soul down. It's like a tired formula that needs a change. She needs to get more comfortable being dressed down. Without all that, she is a super natural beauty. She needs to get into naturally glowing, and being seen that way, without all that shit. Shave her head and grow her hair out natural, from scratch. Eat super foods and live optimal and take her music back. If she did organic soul, using the kind of band Joss Stone used on her first record, Christina Aguilera would most likely excite me and a hell of a lot of other people again.

And, Maroon 5 should get away from this sound.

What made this song cool was Mick Jagger being in it. But he is not singing. I want Mick Jagger singing. Can't wait to see

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Hear tracks from The Rolling Stones album entitled Some Girls :) But, notice the scathing review about the remastered tracks. Not all MP3's are created equal either. MP3's of bad remastering jobs are going to suck too! It's an interesting read at the link below.