Starar Band - RolePlay

Every day I scour through dozens of e-mails from random people many of whom are the artists themselves, with leads on songs listen to for possible inclusion here. I really appreciate the artists, who over time, consistently improve and seem to never stop putting out new and original songs.

Here is a band that felt kind of generic to me when I first heard it a long time ago. But over time, I have come to appreciate them for the fact that they never let up. They keep writing songs, posting them on youtube and each time, I hear improvements in the recordings and their videos seem to get better. The vocalist has a bit of Olivia Newton John living inside of her and it's not hard to figure out she is authentically sweet. Today, I received a e-mail from the group about their latest track and I thought they are really finally getting somewhere. It's a really long road, that old DIY Highway, and it seems they are riding on it and enjoying every mile. GC

Here is Starar and their latest track entitled RolePlay

Go to the Statar Band YouTube page to go back in time and hear more of their songs