One Direction (Bubblegum Pop via the U.K.)

Bob Lefsetz, a leading music industry analyst, wrote a story the other day about the man behind this bubblegum pop group out of the U.K. and simultaneously calls it "the hottest act in the business today". I look up the group, One Direction, even though my connection was slow that day on the beach. And after finally hearing a few of their songs, could not help be be a bit sad about the fact that this could be considered "the hottest act in the business today" by someone as important as Lefsetz.

I remember when my friend Wade Robson, a really gifted cat, started working with N'Sync and Brittany Spears and Wade became very in demand at the beginning of the boy band revolution. I hated the music. Watching most of it made me want to barf. It was manufactured and seemed so plastic. I told Wade and his mom what I thought and suggested that Wade should focus on his own music. The dude, after all, is seriously a music prodigy/genius. His mom, Joy Robson, said "... get with it Greg. This is what's happening!". And, she was right, at least on a business level. It became the most successful music of it's time. But I still think most of it was crap, sorry to say. This kind of music is what the major label groups want us to hear? They use what's left of radio and TV to hype it. There is so much more music in the world that is far more deserving. Artists who are actually saying something meaningful and enlightening. The world needs a change, not more of the same. GC

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

One Direction - One Thing

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