Jazmine Sullivan - Fear

Got a two hour massage and the therapist tried to play smooth jazz off of Pandora. I said "no thanks, can't stand elevator music or Muzak. Please punch in some music similar to Nneka". Nneka's track entitled The Uncomfortable Truth starts off the 2 hour set and after about 12 songs, up comes this song that stopped the session so the therapist could go look on the Pandora page to tell me what song was playing. This is it! A favorite song of mine from very first play. Dug up this unofficial video cut by a fan, for the artist, Jazmine Sullivan, has yet to cut an official video.

Jazmine Sullivan - Fear

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And.... this song came on not long after Jazmine's song and stopped the massage once again to find out who it was. Was surprised to find it another great song by Adele of her album titled 19. I'd actually heard seen the official video once before, but the version we heard was a live one from a iTunes hosted "Live From Soho" performance. It sounded much different than the studio version from the record.

Adele - Chasing Pavements (Official Video)

In digging for a live version of Chasing Pavements, found this tasty live recording of Adele on the Tiny Desk Concert hosted by NPR where she performs three songs. She just sits, with no pomp or circumstance and simply deliver the goods with perfection. The first song, Someone Like You, seems like she lived through each line. She feels it. And, really love the second song, Chasing Pavements :) - And, Rolling in the Deep.... If you don't know that song, you must have been living in the forest without electricity last for the last year and a half.

Adele - Someone Like You - Chasing Pavements - Rolling In The Deep (Live - Tiny Desk Concert)

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