Ruby Jane

This is the one of the latest tracks from a independent album from the young indie artist named Ruby Jane. She is the real deal. In a world of fakes and pop star poseurs, Ruby Jane has consistently always bucked the trends, maintaining her own Americana style authenticism without any overproduction. In fact, her mantra appears to be underproduction in terms of her recordings. Her songs may make you forget where you are and suck you in long enough to pause and reflect, deeply. Her sound is slightly in the vein of Mazzy Star and CocoRosie, but Ruby Jane not attempting to emulate anyone. She has been at it, playing the fiddle/violin, guitar and singing early on in her youth. At 18, she is a up & coming artist, but she's been playing lots of gigs and has proven she will be around as a strong indie force, if not a major one, for years to come. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Ruby Jane - Wake Up

Ruby Jane - (when she was 9 years old)

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